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Massive Services

Massive provides many services relating to Internet Business Solutions. These services are usually provided as a complete package through a strategic relationship between ourselves and your business.
The following information covers some of the key services that make up an Internet Business Solution:

Internet Business Consultancy

Our Key staff will work closely with you and your team right from the early stages of your Internet Strategy development. Our services include both consulting on and creating of your strategy documents, timelines, and best practice integration.

Business Requirements Analysis and Scoping

Every project whether large or small requires some level of scoping and documentation. This documentation starts with an analysis of your business requirements and results in a 'Functional Requirements Document' to act as a blue print for the management of the project. This is followed by project schedules, technical specifications, policy, and best practice documentation. We will work with you to complete this process and ensure your project has realistic deliverables, timelines, and budgets.

Project Management

We offer a full project management service to ensure the implementation of your project is 'by the book'. Our expertise and vast experience in 'Internet project development' will provide you with peace-of-mind reporting and early warning feedback with respect to the communication of issues. We will fully manage the project resources and orchestrate all key phases of the project to the specification of the project schedule.

Software Development

Massive provides both custom software development and tailored hosted application solutions to fit your requirements. Our sofware development platform is Microsoft based using enterprise level applications and the latest development platforms to provide you with a robust, reliable, and well supported solution. Our focus is on Internet based software development including Websites, e-commerce and e-business platforms, Intranets (CRM, CMS), and Web Services (connected applications).

Project Implementation

Through our strategic partners we will implement a secure, robust, and reliable solution for the hosting of your business intellectual property. We will ensure your solution is implemented in an appropriate environment to suit your business policies and best practices.

Lifecycle Support

Internet business solutions, like most business developments, have a lifecycle. During this lifecycle they require ongoing support to ensure that they always reflect your current business brand and philosophy.
Massive is all about business relationships - we will form a relationship with you and your business to provide the best level of expertise, reliability, and ongoing support.

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