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Internet Business Solutions

Internet Business

The Internet is a very integrated part of business today. Whether you are marketing a new product or service, transacting sales electronically, streamlining business processes, or simply creating more brand awareness; the Internet and its many applications (protocols) offers your business a wealth of opportunity.

The Internet is also an extremely busy market space full of competition (over 3 billion websites). It is important to partner with a company such as Massive to ensure your investment is strategic, based on sound advice, and backed by knowledge and experience. Massive will allow you to get the most form your investment and ensure that your solution is well maintained and remains purposeful and focused.

Business Solutions

Leveraging the Internet for business is all about solutions; solutions to your business needs and requirements. A project solution consists of several key stages that ensure the project is well managed and realistic in both its scope and delivery.

From conception to transmission

Massive will work closely with you and your team to deliver a solution that not only meets your requirements but also provides you with many opportunities that are unique to your business and the Internet.

The Solution Process

Every solution, like every business, has its own unique requirements. Each new project needs to be implemented to the needs of that project, while at the same time ensuring there is continuity and harmony with your Internet strategy and brand image.

Each project follows a basic development lifecycle that is outlined in brief below:

Project Analysis
The initial discussions, brain storming, sharing of ideas.

This is where those ideas are turned into form and function and cemented along with operational policy to provide the project blue print in the form of a 'Functional Requirements Document' (FR).

The FR document allows us to provide a quotation for budget and schedule.

Project Management
The FR is used to produce the technical specification documents (for internal use) and the project shedule.

The longest phase: production begins on a staging platform where the project manager will report on progress and integrate any changes or additions to the project FR.

Testing, Debugging & Launch
The finished solution is tested and debugged by trial users and data. The solution is then launched on the live production platform.

The project is maintained and updated as required. This can include application management under a support contract.

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